Eliminate Unplanned Breakdowns

Senshero uses data analysis and digital twinning to identify machine failures. Our technology, which can predict potential malfunctions in the machine, allows you to trust your machines 24/7.

If you minimize unplanned breakdowns;

  • The customer's confidence in you increases.
  • Unplanned losses during downtime are eliminated.
  • The necessary repair processes of your machines are shortened as they are planned.

Our Sensors

Thanks to the sensors Sensheron has developed for the important points of each machine, telemetric data from your machine is collected.

Kinematic Scheme

A real-time digital twin of your machine is created in line with the data received.

Data Analysis

Machine problems can be predicted thanks to our statistically based algorithms.

SensHero Dashboard

Monitor your machine health with one click through a user-friendly interface.