We know the importance of your machines!

We know that companies experience many losses every year due to unplanned outages. Why not a world where companies trust their machines and always keep their promises to their customers?

As SensHero, aiming for a world where businesses can trust their machines infinitely, we approach the world of machines from a different perspective.

We know that data is the most effective solution that opens the door to the world of the future, and therefore we put data science at our center. We aim to make machines safer and increase production efficiency by using Senshero Data science and Internet of Things together, by this way, we allow you to foresee any malfunction that may occur in the machine and to minimize your loss by giving you action time.

Our machines are in a structure that can tell us everything, we believe that we will add value to our customers thanks to the scientific principles we take as basis and predictive maintenance services.

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